I discovered the Art of Jewelry Making at a crossroad in my life where I was confused and lost. My goal of obtaining a graduate degree had been altered by a series of unforeseen events. I was desperately seeking an inspiration, something to give me hope, a new light, a new path. With a Material Engineering background, my options seemed limited. A good friend recommended taking an art class and I took her advice. I signed up for a Jewelry Making class in Virginia and immediately fell in love with this ancient art. What started as a hobby soon became a passion. When destiny took my husband and I to Minneapolis, MN, I enrolled in a Gemology, Jewelry Manufacturing and Repair program. Upon completion in 2005, I started my jewelry business.

I design and make jewelry that is an extension of who I am and my heritage. What influence my work are Middle Eastern patterns, specifically Persian motifs. This blended with contemporary designs has allowed me to create what I consider to be unique jewelry.

I currently reside in Massachusetts where I work out of a studio in my home. The samples in this website represent some of my work.


"Let the beauty we love be what we do"
Rumi (1207-1273CE)